Go West

Nature and History

Price: 14.900 ISK p.per
Departure: 8-9 am
Duration: 7-9 hours
Availability: Summer
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Nature and History
The history part takes us back to the settlement times and we are going visit the birthplace of Egill Skallagrímsson, the main character of the famous saga Egil’s Saga. In the town of Borgarnes a visit to the Settlement center with an optional audio walk trough exhibition of either Egil’s Saga or the Settlement of Iceland.

Snorri Sturluson was an other key player in Icelandic history – Twice elected “Law Speaker” and a poet. His Poetic Edda was the window into understanding Norse Mythology. Deildartunguhver is nearby, Iceland largest Hot Spring.

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    Weather is everchanging here in Iceland. So best to take along both good rain and windgear and good shoes. Hiking shoes are best suited for Iceland's rough terrain even on these day tours - If you want to get close and personal or get that good photo shot you might have to cross some rugget land.

We drive trough Whale Fjord with it’s beauty and history from the World War2. Hraunfossar waterfall one of the very special nature sites here in Iceland. The picture in the background of this page is taken at Hraunfossar.

On the way back we head into the interior and take the mountain view drive to Thingvellir national park, possibly the same route as the vikings did when riding to their annual Parliament assembly.

A tour full with Nature and History. There is a customization possible and that is to hike up to the highest waterfall in Iceland Glymur about two hour hike both ways and then to either skip the National park of Thingvellir or make it a longer day – Only applies if all in group agree
another custimaziton would be to go the the lava tube cave Víðgelmir