Private Guide

Your Way

So you want to go Your Own Way?
Your Private Guide is ready to go when you are!

There are more options than going on a prearranged trip. If you feel like being more flexible and going with the flow you can make it your own to include your interest or add activities.

The private guide option will take you to the part of the country you most prefer and on the way you will get lots of info on the history of the landscape, its geology, inhabitants, stories, folklore – or just simple fun facts as we go.

The car is equipped with an audio guide system so everyone will hear clearly. They say the Icelandic weather changes every five minutes, its best to be prepared and you will need to be dressed for the occasion, with good shoes and warm clothes, ready for wind and rain.

The Tours sublinks contain information about our prepared package trips.

The longer day are at:
125.000 ISK – for 1-4 persons

145.000 ISK – for 5-8 persons

165.000 ISK – for 9-12 persons


Do you want to see something more out of the ordinary? If a pre-organized package tour is not exactly what you´re after, your option is having Solstice Tours design your own adventure. You then have a large selection of suggestions to choose from and your private guide will put together a day tour that is tailor made to fit your needs. Climb a mountain. Then go up a glacier. Examine a deep, dark cave. Go rafting down a tough river in a boat. See a concert. Get to know the towns. Go fishing. You name it.

See for yourself what would best suit you. Browse our basic tours and visit the gallery. Feel free at any moment to email us with any questions you may have.